Monday, July 11, 2011

A Thought

Women must first develop courage.  Courage is the most important of all virtues because without courage, they cannot practice any other virtue consistently. A woman can be kind, fair, strong, generous, courteous and even loving, erratically. But to be that continuously, consistently, you have to have courage.”

–Maya Angelou

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Also I really like this poem


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've mentioned adoption quite a bit while talking about infertility. As I have 
previously mentioned, adoption is quite daunting for both sides. To give you an 
idea of how overwhelming it can be and what the process is like I have listed below
lots and lots of links to various websites. If you are interested in Adoption, please 
feel free to use these links as needed and I do wish you the best. The range in cost 
I have found to be ~$10,000-50,000 (I tend to focus on domestic adoption, but 
international tends to be ~$15,000-50,000).  

Please remember overall that Adoption is a truly selfless act of love. It is amazing
what adoption can do for so many lives. I hope to one day experience the miracle of 
adoption and be able to thank a birthmother/parent/family. We hope to do so debt free.
Please be aware that I am NOT affiliated nor do I endorse any of the sites listed. I
have these sites merely from searching about adoption. This is by no means a completely 
exhaustive list either - there are many more agencies out there that I have not listed.
These lists are arranged via alphabetical order. 

Mainly for Birthmothers/BirthParent(s):
Adoption Planners 
I Heart Adoption  
Little Angel Adoptions 
The Adoption Foundation

Adoption (many of these sites are for both adoptive families and birth families):
A Act of Love
Adopt Help
Adoption Network Law Center 
   (We requested further information and found out their costs range from $30,000-40,000)
American Adoptions 
Adopt US Kids 
A Baby Step  
    FAQ for A Baby Step Adoption  
Beacon House Adoption Services 
    Beacon House Process and Application for Domestic Adoption     
A Child's Dream    
    Process for A Child's Dream  
Crossroads Adoption Services 
    An Application from Crossroads
Child Welfare Information Gateway  
Children's Service Society 
Direct Adoptions  (This website is not an agency. It is a place to create a profile and 
                                 connect directly with birthfamilies; see brochure link). 
    Brochure for Direct Adoptions  (Price for membership: ~$300, plus ~$60 per month)
Heart to Heart 
    Summary of Process for Heart to Heart Adoptions
    Applications & Home Study Packets for Heart to Heart 
    Fees for Heart to Heart Adoptions 
Hoping to Adopt 
Independent Adoption Center 
It's About Love 
My Adoption Agencies  (A search for agencies in Utah, but you can search your state.)
National Adoption Center  
National Adoption Foundation 
    Fund Your Adoption
Parent Profiles (This website is similar to Direct Adoptions. Cost is ~$100 per month). 
Premier Adoption 
    Premier Adoption Cost  
The Adoption Center 
The Adoption Exchange 
Utah Department of Human Services    
Utah's Child & Family Services Adoption Connection 


Financial Aid 
Affording Adoption Foundation
Gift of Adoption Fund

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Infertility ABC

So, I found the ABC's of Infertility over at Not Sugar Coated to be interesting and thought it would be even more interesting to fill it out and see what the difference in infertility would be like in the alphabet.....

Here goes....

A) Age when you started TTC:  I think TTC = Trying To Conceive?   No problem there! Just stop using male & female birth control and the rest = pregnant....

B) Baby Dancing or Sex:   Sex

C) Children wanted:   Um.... 3 is a good number but so is 5.... I honestly don't remember what we both said... but then again before the miscarriages I really didn't want any... or at least I was not ready and had no idea when I would be.

D) Dog/Cat/Fill in Children:  No dog or cat - have allergies... but would like one of each. We are Foster Parents: right now no child(ren).

E) Essential oils/ Vitamins/ Snail Oils:  I take a prenatal; have been for some time.

F) Fertility meds I've taken:   Progesterone.  I don't think Birth control pills or the Nuvaring counts....

G) Gain:  Uh... well before I met my husband and I entered college I lost 22 pounds - didn't mean to! I was very disgustingly skin and bones.... I worked on gaining and maintaining.... Got married just before my 3rd year of college. Lived in a hell hole, then moved to a really nice place - while there I stabilized and went from an ill 125/130 to a healthier 150 and stayed for at least a year... then the last month of school & graduating I became pregnant with #1. I lost #1 Easter 2007 at 4 months going on 5 months.... I weighed myself just after the loss and I seem to remember being around 180.... Well, I just can't seem to drop below 165.

H) HSG (Hystosalpingogram):  Not sure what this is.... Never been done. I've done an SIS and other imaging.

I) Infertile Pet Peeves:  I feel like people don't accept that miscarriage is natural & is a form of infertility - neither is shameful. The taboos of society that suffocate open advocacy and support for those of us that have miscarried. The feeling of shame. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment because I have miscarried. Not being accepted for who I am. "Advice." Just don't give it, please - I'm tired of hearing it (a hug is always appreciated and acknowledgement of what I just informed you of).

J) Job title:  Currently Myself. I have been: Adjunct Faculty at the Community College, Foster Mom, both Grad & Undergrad Student, and many more!

K) Kids name you're afraid will be taken by the time you have kids:  Girl's name became common: Eliza. Boy's name: Bryce.

L) Length of time TTC:  Uh..... well see M.

M) Miscarriages:  7 in 4 years.... 2007: 1; 2008: 2; 2009: 2; 2010: 2.    Planned: # 3 & 5.  Unexpected: #1, & 2. Chance: #4. Not on Birth Control of anykind (nothing planned, but no avoidance either): #6 & 7.

N) Number of times you've switched OB/GYN's, RE's:  Moved away from college after graduation and first miscarriage (had no $ to see a doctor before move)... got in to a horrible Midwife who was of no help whatsoever & didn't check to make sure everything was fine...  Got into an OB/GYN 3 months after first miscarriage (which, yes everything was fine - no D&C). Insurance changed via husband's employer + OB/GYN office moved did not provide new contact.... So got OB/GYN #2 (really disliked him), he confirmed miscarriage #3, and did imaging and some bloodwork.... switched to Midwife #2 in same office.... husband's employer changed, so insurance changed 2 more times. After a good length of time, now have new OB/GYN #3 and will be seeing first RE next month.

O) Ovarian quality:  PCOS  (Mainly the left one, so is "minor", but has not been looked into any further - was confirmed by PCP via imaging results that OB/GYN #2 sent me in to have done....

P) POAS or wait for AF:   I honestly have no idea what the hell this means.....

Q) Quote from an obnoxious fertile:   Advice of anykind.... The look of well, miscarriage does not count as infertility or the look of shame and shock at my bluntness about such things!  "You can always adopt."

S) Sperm:  He has yet to be tested.... but obviously I have been pregnant multiple times.... guess we'll find out in the near future.

T) Time tried naturally:   Refer back to M. Although I was put on the progesterone just before #2.

U) Uterus:  It's fine and dandy, except for one small abnormality - which I have been told is no big deal... OB/GYN #3 wants to find out if Endometriosis exists there......

V) Vagina:  Hahaha.... It's had it's share of probing and problems that confound the doctors to the point of: they have no idea what to do. They tell me all looks and feels "normal" but certain things I describe are not...... It remains an annoying mystery - so I take herbal remedies that seem to actually help.....

W) What baby stuff do you have already:  When doing foster care you need the basics so before we ever had a baby in the house: a pack n play, crib sheets, blanket, car seat, space-saver high chair, stroller, a few bottles, and baby bowls/utensils. We began with only those things... we really did not have anything else - the baby's bed is the pack n play. We don't know what age/size or gender the child will be. We did also prepare with a twin bed in case we got a child that was old enough/big enough to sleep in it. Now, after 1 placement and thanks to the generosity of my sister-in-law, I have quite a bit of clothing on hand. We also now have children's tylenol/ibprofen too.

X) X-tra X-tra Hear all about it! How many people know the ins and outs of our crazy TTC journey?:   Those who actually open their ears beyond hearing "miscarriage, can't carry" and don't proceed with their idea of advice.... Some of our family and friends, and who ever reads my blog!

Y) Yearly Exam. Do you still go in even though someone sees your lady parts most months?:   Yes. The exam isn't just those lady parts down low, but involves the ones up high too... the girls should not be forgotten. I haven't undergone regular fertility stuff.... yet.

Z) Zits:  Ever since puberty... that's nothing new. They have tended to scar my face, because they are deep.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Infertility = Shame

Resolve Blog Challenge

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines shame as: "1: a painful sense of having done something wrong, improper, or immodest  2: DISGRACE, DISHONOR   3: A cause of feeling shame  4: something to be regretted"

Merriam-Webster Thesaurus:
           Synonym(s): "DISGRACE"
           Related Words: "chagrin, embarrassment; guilt, mortification, self-reproach, self-reproof"

How does it make you feel to read those definitions, synonyms, and related words? Who are you? How does this relate to you?

You may be someone who is not affected by infertility. You may be someone who is not affected, but knows someone that is living with infertility. You may be someone like me; someone that is both directly and indirectly affected by infertility.

No matter who you are, we all need to be aware of each other and the effects that myths can have. I know that people tend to have good intentions when giving their "advice" when it comes to my... shhh don't say it too loud or you may shock others... INFERTILITY PROBLEMS. Myth: It is shameful to talk about infertility. It is not shameful. Infertility is just misunderstood, misconstrued, and under-talked-about. We should not, and cannot keep the secret taboos of past generations bottled up. Infertility affects millions, we are not alone, and we should not stand alone. It does not need to be everybody's business - that's up to you who you tell what - but we should also find support; it's hard. I am glad that I have a close friend, a cousin, and blogs by people that I can turn to for support - as they too have suffered some form of infertility.

Myth: Infertility = Not being able to get Pregnant; Miscarriage does not count. This is so classic; especially for me. I think this myth comes from how we both define and perceive infertility.

Dictionary defines infertile as: "not fertile or productive : BARREN...."
Thesaurus: Synonyms: "STERILE, BARREN"; Related Words: "depleted, drained, exhausted, impoverished"; and of course it also gives the opposite, the Contrasted Words: "breeding, generating, propagating, reproducing";  Antonym: "fertile".

In the King James Bible, we see the word Barren used whenever referring to mainly a woman that has not been able to have a child(ren); with a few references toward unproductive land. You can find this term in these chapters:
                       Genesis: 11, 25, 29, 30 ; Exodus: 23 ;
                       Deuteronomy: 7 ; Judges: 13 ; 1 Samual: 1, 2 ;
                       2 Kings: 2 ; Pslams: 11 ; Isaiah: 54 ; Luke: 1, 23 ;
                       Galatians: 4 ; 2 Peter: 1
Miscarriage is only mentioned as caused by another injuring the pregnant woman to the point of loss (Exodus 21:22). The list that has to do with the opposite is very lengthy.

I always have people "advising" me what to do, what to take, who to go to so I can get pregnant.... I don't have a problem of getting pregnant, I have a problem of staying pregnant. I suffer from multiple recurrent miscarriage.

Myth: We shouldn't talk about miscarriage, because it is shameful. Miscarriage = Abortion. There still exists societal taboos about infertility and miscarriage... which are wanting to be broken! We need to talk about infertility & miscarriage. Yes, it can be very painful and uncomfortable to talk about; but that is because we tend to perceive it as shameful. Miscarriage tends to be related to Abortion. Miscarriage is what medical professionals label as "natural abortion" - it is a natural phenomenon where the body for whatever reason ends, breaks down, and does away with the pregnancy. Miscarriage is NOT the same as forced clinical abortion.

Myth: It’s the woman’s fault. It takes Male and Female combined to make a baby. The woman is only half the equation. I have tended to blame myself for my multiple recurrent miscarriages. Nothing can be done; when you don't know what the cause is. The majority of miscarriage is unknown, a small percent has to do with multiple factors stemming from genetics.

Myth:  My husband does not need to get checked - his boys are just fine. I have not had any problems with getting pregnant, I have problems with staying pregnant... and no one knows why except God and He sure isn't telling. So in my mind, there's nothing wrong with my husband - it's all me.... he has yet to be tested for anything, but is open to him being tested.

Myth:  As soon as you adopt, you’ll get pregnant. This is another classic heard by many. Sure, so-and-so that you know actually had this happen.... but guess what? I'm not that person! I also have not had the chance to adopt... have you ever looked into adoption? The process is quite daunting... and on our recent foster care placement it was up in the air so many times, and so many times we were told it was going to adoption, then it was in the air, then the baby was going back to bio-parent, then in  the air.... urrrg!

Myth: If you see a certain doctor or take a certain herbal remedy you'll get pregnant, because so-&-so did. So what! That's not going to change the fact that every-time I get pregnant - I don't have a problem with getting pregnant, I have a problem with staying pregnant - I miscarry. Every. Time! In fact, I have been pregnant so many times, I wonder sometimes if I should bother.... but then I would be looked down upon as "giving up."

Myth: If you look into fostering, adoption, or other ways to create your family it means you have "given up" on having your own. Have I really. I spent a great day with a sibling and their spouse recently... and happened to mention fostering and adoption. The response of one of them immediately was something like this: "Well, we haven't given up on having our own." I didn't say I had given up... Just because my husband and I are open to different options of creating our family does not mean we have "given up" on having our own. No one, I think that suffers some form of infertility ever wants to "give up" - you just eventually come to accept who you are and how unique your family situation is. My husband told me some time ago that he has accepted the fact that for whatever reason unknown to mankind, we may not be able to be biological parents, and that is okay. I'm still working through the whole process.

We have a lot of negative language, that can be turned positive.... Post ways on how you and I, we, can do this; I would like to see what people think.

Infertility 101
National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cherry Truth

Whenever we think of things we really wanted when we were kids, we tended to utilize the bits of manners we decided we could utilize to get said want. One definite way was to work hard on being good, go to the authority figure, bat our eyes - to get that so cute innocent look - ask for what we wanted ending with please, with a cherry on top.

What comes to your mind when you hear the old familiar phrase: "Please, with a cherry on top."

Close your eyes and imagine with me this:

You are at an old-time fountain - a kid all over again full of excitement.
Why? Because you were so very good, that you won over the authority with the purse strings to bring you to this magical place.
This place where the stools have that fascinating swirl of the seat, and it's quirky wobble or squeak...
Where you are just big enough to reach the the counter, but not see over it...
To watch as the person on the other end fulfills the long-awaited want of...
The rush of cold melting, the sweet overwhelming taste of all that pile of sugar set before you...
A glorious mountain of Banana Split Sundae... that's right with a cherry on top, too.

I can remember what that tasted like, although I now have multiple food allergies and it has been years since I have had a banana split of any kind. Now, the bare truth is - a regular cow dairy ice cream split would be a death wish.... and way too much sugar.

The other truth is... that darned ol' cherry on top of anything is not overwhelming and disgustingly sweet as people have made them.

Cherries are yummy... but in there virgin natural state they are tart. The well-known Maraschino cherries are loaded with sugar and sweet syrup to make them super sweet and an eatable dye helps to intensify their stunning bright red color. I do not have anything against food coloring as long as it is safe to ingest.  Want to know what the ingredients are for Maraschino cherries? Go here. Want a very short history of maraschino cherries? You can read that here.

We should all know what food coloring is, but if you are curious to read an actual definition you can go here.

Let me clear something up, the dye used in maraschino cherries is Red40, not the red dye made from a red beetle; you can read about it at Here at, you can see a list of different food dyes commonly used. The FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) also has some information about maraschino cherries.  For some out there, they could have intolerance or allergies to food dyes.

Thankfully, as far as I know, I am not allergic to food dyes - can I taste synthetic food dyes? Yes, I can, but not in everything.

Why am I writing about this? What does this have to do with anything whatsoever? Well, it's a couple things, really. One, do we really know what we are eating? Two, it's an analogy of sorts to the next bit of this post. What is that you ask? It is in regards to infertility... whoa, did you just read what I wrote? Yes, you did. I said it is an analogy of sorts to infertility.

How so?

Anyone who has experienced any kind of infertility will be able to see what I am saying; those that have not, remember the picture of the banana split earlier - the emotions, the taste, the sensation, the entire experience. Aside from my obvious food inhibitions, those same emotions, the sensations, the entire experience can be likened to those whom have had the opportunity to experience becoming biological parents.

Those whom have experienced infertility, but by the Grace of God have after trials and tribulations been finally able to become such, know that the banana split of parenthood is much more than the mound of sugar, and it's intrinsic flavors... oh it is so much more - perhaps even indescribable.

Finally, those whom have gone through infertility and were never, for whatever reason, were able to be biological parents know even more the interdependence of the bitter and the sweet of becoming parents by others means such as fostering and/or adoption.

The banana split is glorious to behold in the form of a family, of a baby, a child... but the cruel reality is, that you can't have the treat. Not yet... not in the way you think... not in the way you want - no matter how many cherries you ask for.... Those cherries are in truth, something else. They are super sugar coated. Life is not sugar coated, and after what I have been through in my short life, shouldn't be, at all. There are some things that I cannot share and that is okay.The truth is, cherries are in reality tart, yes there are some that are a little sweeter, but should we make them into something they are not?

Our infertility is not a problem of getting pregnant, it's a problem of staying pregnant. No one has been able to figure it out. Infertility does not make us into something we are not, but other people seem to.

We found this blog. She writes as plainly as day. I can definitely relate to her. She is a Foster Mom who has also experienced infertility; and in so doing as created her blog and is currently holding a contest for this book about infertility. Her and her husband were married only ~3 months before Kabaju and I. It is certainly interesting how the world of blogging in the world wide web/internet has found us fellows within heavily similar struggles as our own. Whether or not I am randomly picked as winner, I will definitely be looking for the book at the library. Anyone that reads this, I encourage you to do the same; and take a look at her journey. No one is alone, we only think we are - and no amount of asking please for sugared up cherries will get us anywhere. Embrace your reality, do not make it into something else. There really is a reason for everything. It is hard, I know.

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

I am going to say it early - 3 days early - Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Since St. Patty's day this year is on a Thursday, we celebrated this past Saturday the 12th of March in the St. Patrick's Day Parade at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, Utah. For some pictures follow this link.

We walked with the Utah Food Allergy Network (UFAN). Kabaju is of course our juggler, everybody loved him. I and another UFAN member got to hold the sign. We had a blast! It was a long parade and our first time going. Seems we end up in the parades lately rather than being spectators.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



I am doing this separate post since it is a separate topic, and the other post was already long enough.

After living with knowing what my real food allergies are for 3 years, I have finally owned up to a big fear of mine.

I now own EpiPens (with a training device). That's right... I suffer from Needlephobia.

I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember. Added to that, no matter how well I can focus on something, anything else, even talking to the other people in the room (myself & the nurse/phlebotimist or my husband) I can still feel everything from them rubbing the cool alcohol swab, to them poking at my veins (which still tends to cause minor anxiety), to putting the "butterfly" around my arm to the final moment of the "prick" of the needle, and all the while, feeling the vein that is losing blood, to the blood flowing out into the little tube - to the final removal and relief of having the needle removed. Then the aftermath minor pain, the minor bruising of where they stuck me. I have learned to tell them that my veins roll, otherwise, they tend to miss, which causes me to escalate from anxiety to panic mode - not to mention the physical pain. At this point, hopefully I have not seen the needle... because I don't need that on top of cold shock. Yes, I have gone into cold shock when people have missed and have had to try again. Yes, I have had veins collapse - that really hurts and guarantees cold shock.

The typical blood drawing for testing, I have been able to do alone, because I have been able to teach myself how to try to focus on other things, before and during. Another very simple, but very important point I have learned is to tell them NOT to let me see the needle, not even a glimpse - otherwise forget it. What has been the worst for me is when I have had to get an IV. My experience with IV's have been bad, really bad, and thankfully, I have only had 3. Two (2) out of the 3 were an absolute nightmare! All of those, I have had Kabaju with me. I told him from the beginning about my worst phobia, needlephobia, but he didn't understand the extent until I got my first IV - I was sicker than sick and I still went from anxiety to panic mode, all while trying not to throw up and bury my head in his upper torso, to keep me from seeing anything and try to focus on him. He then agreed after that experience, that I was not joking.

*Shiver* Just writing this, I can still feel the aftermath ache of where they just recently stuck me. Before I picked up my EpiPens, just the thought of actually and finally getting them to carry everywhere I go, has given me the heeby-jeebies (makes me shutter, shiver, urg). Now that, I have practiced with the training device, it's not so hard to use - easy really - but I just hope if we ever have to use the EpiPen(s), that I won't feel those nerves on the side of my thigh that hurt when I used the training device. I also actually don't have the heeby-jeebies now that I have the EpiPens - but I will avoid touching their box as much as possible until I am forced to use them. The training device does not have needle so it will be used often to train family and friends - children will not be allowed to play with it - it is to train for emergency, not for fun.

For more information about EpiPens go to the EpiPen website. EpiPens are only given by a prescribing physician and a pharmacy. There are no over-the-counter alternatives. If you, or a loved one, or someone you know has an allergic reaction, but does not carry an EpiPen call 911 and tell the operator that they need Epinephrine or an EpiPen. Or, if they do carry one, learn how to use it and then make sure they get further medical attention. Do not practice with the actual EpiPen. Again for further information go to the EpiPen website, or talk with a medical professional. I am not a medical professional.

This website does not constitute medical and/or legal advise and should not be relied upon as such. All information and suggestions offered are based on my own personal experiences and individual research. My goal is discussion, feedback and further education. As an active member of this blog, you accept personal responsibility for any actions you take with the information shared. Your qualified personal physician is your most important resource for individual allergy needs.

Life Goes On

People have asked me if we're going to get another placement when Princess Frog leaves. I proceed to tell them, "No. We'll take a break first." They look at me like I'm nuts or something...

So, my analogy is this:

No sensible person that just had a hard miscarriage or gave birth would immediately turn around and get pregnant again - like the day or week or month after.

So why, would Foster Parents do the same by going through a very difficult placement turn around and take another one right away? That's just insane.

Well, we are taking a break.

Later next week will mark 1 month that Princess Frog has been gone out of our lives. She left the day she came home to us - a total of 7 months. We were her second (2nd) home - she had already been in Foster Care for 1 month.

Court was rather nuts and interesting all rolled into one and took a while. In the end, judge's ultimatum was to extend services provided by DCFS so that bio mom was given yet again, another chance - 3 more months. By law bio mom only originally had 8 months to get Princess Frog back. We happened to get the nicest judge in the courthouse that likes to give second chances despite contradicting judge's self.

So after more things going on, the GAL (guardian ad litem) [Princess Frog's attorney] and her caseworker decided to just move her in with bio mom and see whether they would sink or swim. Word is: They are swimming. I am glad that Princess Frog is doing well with her bio mom, but I also sorely miss my baby girl. She has certainly left a hole in our lives, but we are learning to move on.

We were told numerous times by the GAL and caseworker (who have been doing this for years) that Princess Frog's case is the strangest, weirdest, hardest, most crazy case they have ever had and seen. [Just my "luck".] Usually cases are a lot more smooth, because they tend to know what will happen at some early point - this case, the entirety of it, no one knew what would happen - for 8 months no one knew where or what would happen with Princess Frog and her bio mom in the end. We are beyond the end, know we finally know.... unless something else happens - which if Princess Frog for some unseen reason ends up leaving her bio mom again, she will come home to us and stay.

People have commented about why we didn't fight for her more. I'll tell you why: Foster Parents do not have the rights that Biological Parents have to their biological child(ren). Foster Parents are the child(ren)s advocate and a resource (a safe family to live with), but we really don't have much say. I have been told we do have say, but I sure don't feel like it; but maybe I just didn't know what to say or how to say it. If Princess Frog had not immediately moved in (2 days after court), we would have just repeated what we had already repeated multiple times and drug everything out longer... it was better for Princess Frog to just move and see what happened to help reduce further confusion, anger, and traumatization for her. I feel more sorry for what she has had to go through, than what I have had to go through.

Our lives have changed about every six months for the past few years - so we are used to it, and we even embrace change. Change is hard, absolutely. Change is the only true constant in life, and I accept that constant. (Yes, that is also an oxymoron.)

For those following this blog, don't be afraid to be a foster parent to someone. Fostering is well worth all the human emotions and paperwork it entails. The children are worth it! If you are interesting in Fostering or providing Respite please visit the Utah Foster Care Foundation website for contact information.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I yi yi

My how time does fly.... So, January was back and forth, back and forth, up in the air, as the ball in a major ping-pong ball game hitting all the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and getting stuck somewhere in the lost reaches of the belly of the table. That is how I would describe the case since I last wrote.

Most recent update: We have had Princess Frog the entire time. She had two day visits, and then the ball vanished in the air. We have no idea what's going on. That is the nature of her unique case... it's just plain weird and really, really hard. But she is soooo worth it.

Court is very soon. It is a very important date - this time the judge really will need to rule an ultimatum... hopefully not a 3 month extension. The case needs to end for Princess Frog's sake. She needs to be able to settle down and stabilize... and just stay put. Wherever that may be, we just pray that what happens, happens in her best interest.

I decided too, at this point to drop my second class... : ( Just thinking about it made me want to cry... just too much stress and I'm working on building my lesson plans. Another time, I'll pick it up and give it a go. For now, I'm madly working on grading the 30 (down to 20) papers that were handed to me a little while ago... since I'm a tad behind due to illness running around lose in my house. It's going to be a long week, been booked a while, and last minute too. Next week is now also officially booked full... and following will be interesting depending if we actually get to join Kabaju on a partial business trip to somewhere a little less frigged, but withing driving distance..... Ya, this month will just be more and more interesting.

All I have to say is I yi, yi! I hear Zzzzzzz's a calling me.