Monday, June 3, 2013

Sew Crochet Monday

Happy June everyone!

My blog sees that you have returned for some more fantastic Sew Crochet! Here is another quick project that I did sometime in the beginning of May.

Quick Project: Custom Travel Pillow with straps for tying to luggage.
Fabric: Pink Flannel Girl Missionary Print
Pattern: My own Creation
Store: Deseret Book - Mormon Handicraft
Made for: My sister whom is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka Mormon).
Started and Finished within a couple days at the beginning of May (this includes washing the material first).

She has been on her mission for  nearly 18 months - she's coming home within the next few weeks. So excited to see her again! We (as a family) got to talk with her each Christmas for the past 2 Christmas's and our mom also got to talk with her on each Mother's Day that she has been gone. Otherwise correspondence has been via email and mail. I wanted to send her something missionary related that she could use in her travels and I thought, "I would be really tired, a pillow would be nice...." and that's just what I did. I found some cute fabric that matched what she has been up to, already had stuffing and thread on hand so I bought 1/2 yard of fabric. I still have a piece that is 14.5" long x 18 3/4 wide. I'll bet I used a good fat quarter to make the pillow....  I didn't measure it before I stuffed it. It has 1 seam that runs along 1 long end and the 2 short ends - in the middle I sewed the straps to the inside of the pillow. I did a straight stitch with a zigzag stitch on either side for an extra strong seam. I used my old simple machine to make it.

The great thing about the design is that you can wrap it around the back of your neck in a U-shape, or you can cuddle it to the side or partial on the side and behind your head - it's totally up to you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sew Crochet Monday

Happy Memorial Day. May we remember those whom have gone ahead of us always in our hearts. They are a part of us and we of them.

Now, onto the recent projects I've created. : ) I've had a couple projects going for quite some time... and then one quick one showed up when I was picking up material and notions for yet another project that I will be working on here soon... and then another quickie joined in....


Project: Green Flower Shirt
Pattern: Simplicity 8083 size RR view 3
Fabric - cotton? print floral - my mom had it on hand.
Started sometime in April.
Finished ~a week ago.  (I got a "dream" sewing machine... more on that later... in another post.)

I made the shirt with my old machine that I've had half my life (~16 years) ok, just over half my life....) and finished it (buttonholes/buttons) using my new machine.

It's my first shirt/piece of clothing I've made without my mom's help... yes I have mended and replaced a zipper by myself... but I have learned the most (I think) doing things hands on with my mom - which have been few and far in-between. I added ~3 inches to the sleeves, took off 1 button and pressed down the neckline to make it a v-shape instead of u-shape. There's 1 obvious oops, but other than that oops, I think it turned out great!

TIP: Use fusible interfacing - it's fast and easy! The lady at The Fabric Center was wise in giving me fusible interfacing. To make any adjustments you wish, use tracing paper - I saw my mom do this all the time.

Quick Project: Bloomin' Skirt size 6-12 months
Pattern: Bloomin' Skirt by Cosettescloset 
(I found the pattern at The Fabric Center - see link above.)
Fabric - scrap from my mom & a store.
Started and finished in April - I think it took me ~1week to make.

Project: Crochet Valance
Started: February - gathering of supplies; March, I began crocheting a sampler to learn the         pattern and determine gauge; May, I began the official Valances.
Pattern: Feather Stitch Valance by Mickie Akins in: Special Techniques & Stitches in Crochet, Ed. Judy Crow
Yarn: Cone of Peaches & Creme in Kaleidescope;  worsted weight
                 (I used the same type of yarn for the sampler - Lily Sugar'n Creme in Potporri)
Hook:  Sampler - L (8mm); Official - N (10 mm)

I tend to crochet very tight - it's just the way I am. So if you crochet loosely go with what the pattern recommends and do a sample swatch to figure out your gauge. I'm going to be using my sample valance so I didn't mind making an entire valance instead of just a swatch. To do the swatch use the Feathers pattern or the Feather Stitch washcloth pattern in the book.

My sampler ended up being: ~23" width x 6.5-7" length (not counting the hanging loops I'm adding)
The Official Valance size is (there will be 4 of these): ~35" width x 9.5-10" length  (not counting hanging loops that will be added)   [These measurements are in inches.]

Well, I think that's a bit long, but pictures are fun to look at. Until next time on Sew Crochet. Have a great week everyone.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sew Crochet Monday

Hello all.

It would seem that has I have now had success at creating and keeping a pregnancy and nurishing a new life - I have an itch.... to create... a lot.

I have been working on picking my love of crochet back up and learning all kinds of new stitches and patterns. I have loved it, been flustered at times, sore, and gaining a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities. Most of my projects are on Raverly - you do have to be a member to  sign in and see them... so I will show you some of the things I've already done - awhile ago. Of course, all these things that I have crocheted are a first for me beyond a chain scruncii. : )

This is an eyeglass case I did for my sister with her crazy colored yarn. The inner lining is an upcycled white sleeve from what used to be a long sleeve shirt. [Pattern:
Basketweave Eyeglass Case by Susan Lowman]

My close girlfriend of over a decade had a baby boy ~2.5 weeks before BabyDragon was born. I was going to make her a sea themed blanket (since her theme was sea turtles)... but instead used some of the squares to make her a scarf and gave her the rest of the squares to be incorporated into a quilt she is making him. (I'm excited to see it!) [These are just some of the squares - there were 2 more rows of sea. 24 squares total. The square pattern is from Hip 2 B Square: Totes & Bags by Melissa Leapman - the colors & theme is my own & Kabaju's. I used pattern for: #7 - Griddle Stitch, #15 - Star,  #8 - Wavy ] The scarf had 1 beach and 1 sand-dollar square with 7 sea squares.

This is my first EVER piece of clothing I have crocheted - a 3-6 month size Snap Dragon Infant Dress (pattern by Kate Wagstaff) for BabyDragon (which obviously has not fit now for ~2 months. (Ya she's 9 months! Time flies!) I used scrap yarn that was leftover from doing my friend's sea project.

Here is a baby doll (amigurami) I did using scrap yarn leftover from her dress and my friend's sea project. I used basic stuffing. [ Baby's First Doll by Tiffany Roan with these adjustments to close up the bottom of the doll;

NOTE: Make sure to mark beginning of the row - it will make it easier as a reference for counting. After doing round 41, the chain you skipped will be your 1st SC on round 42 and so on.
Round 41 SC in the next 5 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 42 SC in the next 4 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 43 SC in the next 3 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 44 SC in the next 2 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 45 SC, SK 1, SC, SK 1 - around and finish off, weaving in loose end with a yarn needle.]

Yep confidence booster big time. : ) Now to just be able to be a bit faster and not take a looooonnnnggg time to do my projects... the doll was my fastest at only a few days whereas all others took months to do.

I wrote down all the projects I'm doing and found my qeue has 8! Two are crochet and the rest are sewing.

Sew, here is what I have sewn so far.

I bought the kit: Noah's Ark Baby Book in a fat quarter of organic cotton sateen.

 It is completely finished and BabyDragon loves eating it. : ) I used one of my crochet hooks for stuffing the 6 animals, Noah, and the rainbow.

I look forward to completing another great project and sharing. : )  What burst of creativity have you had?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013