Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've mentioned adoption quite a bit while talking about infertility. As I have 
previously mentioned, adoption is quite daunting for both sides. To give you an 
idea of how overwhelming it can be and what the process is like I have listed below
lots and lots of links to various websites. If you are interested in Adoption, please 
feel free to use these links as needed and I do wish you the best. The range in cost 
I have found to be ~$10,000-50,000 (I tend to focus on domestic adoption, but 
international tends to be ~$15,000-50,000).  

Please remember overall that Adoption is a truly selfless act of love. It is amazing
what adoption can do for so many lives. I hope to one day experience the miracle of 
adoption and be able to thank a birthmother/parent/family. We hope to do so debt free.
Please be aware that I am NOT affiliated nor do I endorse any of the sites listed. I
have these sites merely from searching about adoption. This is by no means a completely 
exhaustive list either - there are many more agencies out there that I have not listed.
These lists are arranged via alphabetical order. 

Mainly for Birthmothers/BirthParent(s):
Adoption Planners 
I Heart Adoption  
Little Angel Adoptions 
The Adoption Foundation

Adoption (many of these sites are for both adoptive families and birth families):
A Act of Love
Adopt Help
Adoption Network Law Center 
   (We requested further information and found out their costs range from $30,000-40,000)
American Adoptions 
Adopt US Kids 
A Baby Step  
    FAQ for A Baby Step Adoption  
Beacon House Adoption Services 
    Beacon House Process and Application for Domestic Adoption     
A Child's Dream    
    Process for A Child's Dream  
Crossroads Adoption Services 
    An Application from Crossroads
Child Welfare Information Gateway  
Children's Service Society 
Direct Adoptions  (This website is not an agency. It is a place to create a profile and 
                                 connect directly with birthfamilies; see brochure link). 
    Brochure for Direct Adoptions  (Price for membership: ~$300, plus ~$60 per month)
Heart to Heart 
    Summary of Process for Heart to Heart Adoptions
    Applications & Home Study Packets for Heart to Heart 
    Fees for Heart to Heart Adoptions 
Hoping to Adopt 
Independent Adoption Center 
It's About Love 
My Adoption Agencies  (A search for agencies in Utah, but you can search your state.)
National Adoption Center  
National Adoption Foundation 
    Fund Your Adoption
Parent Profiles (This website is similar to Direct Adoptions. Cost is ~$100 per month). 
Premier Adoption 
    Premier Adoption Cost  
The Adoption Center 
The Adoption Exchange 
Utah Department of Human Services    
Utah's Child & Family Services Adoption Connection 


Financial Aid 
Affording Adoption Foundation
Gift of Adoption Fund