Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Beginning and a Continuation

A lot of people I know in my life have a blog - an online avenue of communication beyond the more familiar virtual form of e-mail. The first time I experimented with creating a blog was in one of my early Communication and Leadership Master of Art classes. However, I have not 'posted' to that blog since last year. A lot of friends and family have bugged me about joining people on places like facebook. The other thing I have been wanting to do is to be able to respond to people's blogs that I read every now and then when I have time... but alas, I did not have my own blog or an account with the blogger blogs - I had a Uniblog blog. So, here I am creating a new and fresh blog with the rest of you on the blogger blogs of the world.

I am a graduate student with Gonzaga University online. I am an Ecologist by trade married to an EE (Electrial Engineer), have not the ability to keep babies for an unknown reason to man and medicine, a plethora of food allergies and we are preparing to become liscensed Foster Parents. I hope to post what we learn in relation to my food allergies - how to cope, live with, and continue forward. As well as our adventures as Foster Parents. And of course, as the title implies present an ecology of life.

Life is a journey, a process, a never-ending exploration.

Happy Blogging. Welcome to Ecology of Life.