Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I know it's been some time since I began this blog, but a plethora of things have happened; which with the way my life is, don't be surprised. But, I feel as though writing here will be a little therapeutic - despite my current crisis mode and stress for needing to finish my final paper for my most recent class to change my incomplete grade to a grade. I have Encondroma, which is a bone cyst surrounding my ring finger from the knuckle to the first joint, and the tip of my pinkie finger is the size of area the cyst has replaced the inside of my bone as well. Due to this, I was one-handed for nearly 2 months. I'm finally able to "wean" away from my brace; but I still have to have surgery in May with a bone graft from my hip (not looking forward to that).

Now, according to the title of this blog, yes we were robbed today. Our house was broken into and $2100 worth of belongings were stolen (which is a lot for us, as we don't have much in the avenue of money or things). Thankfully they didn't care to take our wedding rings or paperwork with our personal information all over it (we're in the process of refinancing our house, gee what timing.) They did take our laptop which does have information, or did. The great police officers of our city have already recovered our laptop and arrested one of the men. All within a few hours of me getting home, calling Kabaju, and everyone else I could locally; and helping them gather as much evidence as possible.

The freaky thing though is the fact that as I was stepping out this morning to go to work I had a feeling that I was being watched. According to our pre-paid cell phone activity they began making calls at 10:40 am this morning. I headed out to work at 9:20 am. *gah, shiver* When I got home the snow shovel was tipped over in the driveway (even though there was no wind whatsoever), there were 2 coffee cups next to the house, both bedroom lights were on, and my dresser and jewelry were obviously rummaged through - talk about heavy violation. Even Kabaju feels violated.

It was neat that the sergeant enjoyed showing me how the finger print powder worked and that it was easier to get fingerprints when people were cold as compared to warm. He asked if I ever watched CSI. I told him I had in the past, but not really. He told me don't believe them; to which I responded why would I it's Hollywood, they're always fake. I never did blurt out that I was not one to be messed with, and we did everything possible to help track the petty thieves down - although one is still at large. Stupid McDonald's for not having surveillance - they left behind 2 coffee cups from McDonald's. The man was staying at a shady place about .25 mile from our house.... either way stupid thieves don't mess with me! I'm no dummy!

So now I get to lose a day's pay to stay home and take care of a mess, and redo all our accounts, and find out how that will affect our refinancing; all the while trying to keep my head together enough so I can finish that darned final paper! I've already applied to graduate this December! I'm too close not to finish... I will finish!