Monday, April 15, 2013

Sew Crochet Monday

Hello all.

It would seem that has I have now had success at creating and keeping a pregnancy and nurishing a new life - I have an itch.... to create... a lot.

I have been working on picking my love of crochet back up and learning all kinds of new stitches and patterns. I have loved it, been flustered at times, sore, and gaining a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities. Most of my projects are on Raverly - you do have to be a member to  sign in and see them... so I will show you some of the things I've already done - awhile ago. Of course, all these things that I have crocheted are a first for me beyond a chain scruncii. : )

This is an eyeglass case I did for my sister with her crazy colored yarn. The inner lining is an upcycled white sleeve from what used to be a long sleeve shirt. [Pattern:
Basketweave Eyeglass Case by Susan Lowman]

My close girlfriend of over a decade had a baby boy ~2.5 weeks before BabyDragon was born. I was going to make her a sea themed blanket (since her theme was sea turtles)... but instead used some of the squares to make her a scarf and gave her the rest of the squares to be incorporated into a quilt she is making him. (I'm excited to see it!) [These are just some of the squares - there were 2 more rows of sea. 24 squares total. The square pattern is from Hip 2 B Square: Totes & Bags by Melissa Leapman - the colors & theme is my own & Kabaju's. I used pattern for: #7 - Griddle Stitch, #15 - Star,  #8 - Wavy ] The scarf had 1 beach and 1 sand-dollar square with 7 sea squares.

This is my first EVER piece of clothing I have crocheted - a 3-6 month size Snap Dragon Infant Dress (pattern by Kate Wagstaff) for BabyDragon (which obviously has not fit now for ~2 months. (Ya she's 9 months! Time flies!) I used scrap yarn that was leftover from doing my friend's sea project.

Here is a baby doll (amigurami) I did using scrap yarn leftover from her dress and my friend's sea project. I used basic stuffing. [ Baby's First Doll by Tiffany Roan with these adjustments to close up the bottom of the doll;

NOTE: Make sure to mark beginning of the row - it will make it easier as a reference for counting. After doing round 41, the chain you skipped will be your 1st SC on round 42 and so on.
Round 41 SC in the next 5 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 42 SC in the next 4 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 43 SC in the next 3 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 44 SC in the next 2 SC, SK 1, Repeat around.
Round 45 SC, SK 1, SC, SK 1 - around and finish off, weaving in loose end with a yarn needle.]

Yep confidence booster big time. : ) Now to just be able to be a bit faster and not take a looooonnnnggg time to do my projects... the doll was my fastest at only a few days whereas all others took months to do.

I wrote down all the projects I'm doing and found my qeue has 8! Two are crochet and the rest are sewing.

Sew, here is what I have sewn so far.

I bought the kit: Noah's Ark Baby Book in a fat quarter of organic cotton sateen.

 It is completely finished and BabyDragon loves eating it. : ) I used one of my crochet hooks for stuffing the 6 animals, Noah, and the rainbow.

I look forward to completing another great project and sharing. : )  What burst of creativity have you had?