Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Infertility ABC

So, I found the ABC's of Infertility over at Not Sugar Coated to be interesting and thought it would be even more interesting to fill it out and see what the difference in infertility would be like in the alphabet.....

Here goes....

A) Age when you started TTC:  I think TTC = Trying To Conceive?   No problem there! Just stop using male & female birth control and the rest = pregnant....

B) Baby Dancing or Sex:   Sex

C) Children wanted:   Um.... 3 is a good number but so is 5.... I honestly don't remember what we both said... but then again before the miscarriages I really didn't want any... or at least I was not ready and had no idea when I would be.

D) Dog/Cat/Fill in Children:  No dog or cat - have allergies... but would like one of each. We are Foster Parents: right now no child(ren).

E) Essential oils/ Vitamins/ Snail Oils:  I take a prenatal; have been for some time.

F) Fertility meds I've taken:   Progesterone.  I don't think Birth control pills or the Nuvaring counts....

G) Gain:  Uh... well before I met my husband and I entered college I lost 22 pounds - didn't mean to! I was very disgustingly skin and bones.... I worked on gaining and maintaining.... Got married just before my 3rd year of college. Lived in a hell hole, then moved to a really nice place - while there I stabilized and went from an ill 125/130 to a healthier 150 and stayed for at least a year... then the last month of school & graduating I became pregnant with #1. I lost #1 Easter 2007 at 4 months going on 5 months.... I weighed myself just after the loss and I seem to remember being around 180.... Well, I just can't seem to drop below 165.

H) HSG (Hystosalpingogram):  Not sure what this is.... Never been done. I've done an SIS and other imaging.

I) Infertile Pet Peeves:  I feel like people don't accept that miscarriage is natural & is a form of infertility - neither is shameful. The taboos of society that suffocate open advocacy and support for those of us that have miscarried. The feeling of shame. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment because I have miscarried. Not being accepted for who I am. "Advice." Just don't give it, please - I'm tired of hearing it (a hug is always appreciated and acknowledgement of what I just informed you of).

J) Job title:  Currently Myself. I have been: Adjunct Faculty at the Community College, Foster Mom, both Grad & Undergrad Student, and many more!

K) Kids name you're afraid will be taken by the time you have kids:  Girl's name became common: Eliza. Boy's name: Bryce.

L) Length of time TTC:  Uh..... well see M.

M) Miscarriages:  7 in 4 years.... 2007: 1; 2008: 2; 2009: 2; 2010: 2.    Planned: # 3 & 5.  Unexpected: #1, & 2. Chance: #4. Not on Birth Control of anykind (nothing planned, but no avoidance either): #6 & 7.

N) Number of times you've switched OB/GYN's, RE's:  Moved away from college after graduation and first miscarriage (had no $ to see a doctor before move)... got in to a horrible Midwife who was of no help whatsoever & didn't check to make sure everything was fine...  Got into an OB/GYN 3 months after first miscarriage (which, yes everything was fine - no D&C). Insurance changed via husband's employer + OB/GYN office moved did not provide new contact.... So got OB/GYN #2 (really disliked him), he confirmed miscarriage #3, and did imaging and some bloodwork.... switched to Midwife #2 in same office.... husband's employer changed, so insurance changed 2 more times. After a good length of time, now have new OB/GYN #3 and will be seeing first RE next month.

O) Ovarian quality:  PCOS  (Mainly the left one, so is "minor", but has not been looked into any further - was confirmed by PCP via imaging results that OB/GYN #2 sent me in to have done....

P) POAS or wait for AF:   I honestly have no idea what the hell this means.....

Q) Quote from an obnoxious fertile:   Advice of anykind.... The look of well, miscarriage does not count as infertility or the look of shame and shock at my bluntness about such things!  "You can always adopt."

S) Sperm:  He has yet to be tested.... but obviously I have been pregnant multiple times.... guess we'll find out in the near future.

T) Time tried naturally:   Refer back to M. Although I was put on the progesterone just before #2.

U) Uterus:  It's fine and dandy, except for one small abnormality - which I have been told is no big deal... OB/GYN #3 wants to find out if Endometriosis exists there......

V) Vagina:  Hahaha.... It's had it's share of probing and problems that confound the doctors to the point of: they have no idea what to do. They tell me all looks and feels "normal" but certain things I describe are not...... It remains an annoying mystery - so I take herbal remedies that seem to actually help.....

W) What baby stuff do you have already:  When doing foster care you need the basics so before we ever had a baby in the house: a pack n play, crib sheets, blanket, car seat, space-saver high chair, stroller, a few bottles, and baby bowls/utensils. We began with only those things... we really did not have anything else - the baby's bed is the pack n play. We don't know what age/size or gender the child will be. We did also prepare with a twin bed in case we got a child that was old enough/big enough to sleep in it. Now, after 1 placement and thanks to the generosity of my sister-in-law, I have quite a bit of clothing on hand. We also now have children's tylenol/ibprofen too.

X) X-tra X-tra Hear all about it! How many people know the ins and outs of our crazy TTC journey?:   Those who actually open their ears beyond hearing "miscarriage, can't carry" and don't proceed with their idea of advice.... Some of our family and friends, and who ever reads my blog!

Y) Yearly Exam. Do you still go in even though someone sees your lady parts most months?:   Yes. The exam isn't just those lady parts down low, but involves the ones up high too... the girls should not be forgotten. I haven't undergone regular fertility stuff.... yet.

Z) Zits:  Ever since puberty... that's nothing new. They have tended to scar my face, because they are deep.