Monday, May 27, 2013

Sew Crochet Monday

Happy Memorial Day. May we remember those whom have gone ahead of us always in our hearts. They are a part of us and we of them.

Now, onto the recent projects I've created. : ) I've had a couple projects going for quite some time... and then one quick one showed up when I was picking up material and notions for yet another project that I will be working on here soon... and then another quickie joined in....


Project: Green Flower Shirt
Pattern: Simplicity 8083 size RR view 3
Fabric - cotton? print floral - my mom had it on hand.
Started sometime in April.
Finished ~a week ago.  (I got a "dream" sewing machine... more on that later... in another post.)

I made the shirt with my old machine that I've had half my life (~16 years) ok, just over half my life....) and finished it (buttonholes/buttons) using my new machine.

It's my first shirt/piece of clothing I've made without my mom's help... yes I have mended and replaced a zipper by myself... but I have learned the most (I think) doing things hands on with my mom - which have been few and far in-between. I added ~3 inches to the sleeves, took off 1 button and pressed down the neckline to make it a v-shape instead of u-shape. There's 1 obvious oops, but other than that oops, I think it turned out great!

TIP: Use fusible interfacing - it's fast and easy! The lady at The Fabric Center was wise in giving me fusible interfacing. To make any adjustments you wish, use tracing paper - I saw my mom do this all the time.

Quick Project: Bloomin' Skirt size 6-12 months
Pattern: Bloomin' Skirt by Cosettescloset 
(I found the pattern at The Fabric Center - see link above.)
Fabric - scrap from my mom & a store.
Started and finished in April - I think it took me ~1week to make.

Project: Crochet Valance
Started: February - gathering of supplies; March, I began crocheting a sampler to learn the         pattern and determine gauge; May, I began the official Valances.
Pattern: Feather Stitch Valance by Mickie Akins in: Special Techniques & Stitches in Crochet, Ed. Judy Crow
Yarn: Cone of Peaches & Creme in Kaleidescope;  worsted weight
                 (I used the same type of yarn for the sampler - Lily Sugar'n Creme in Potporri)
Hook:  Sampler - L (8mm); Official - N (10 mm)

I tend to crochet very tight - it's just the way I am. So if you crochet loosely go with what the pattern recommends and do a sample swatch to figure out your gauge. I'm going to be using my sample valance so I didn't mind making an entire valance instead of just a swatch. To do the swatch use the Feathers pattern or the Feather Stitch washcloth pattern in the book.

My sampler ended up being: ~23" width x 6.5-7" length (not counting the hanging loops I'm adding)
The Official Valance size is (there will be 4 of these): ~35" width x 9.5-10" length  (not counting hanging loops that will be added)   [These measurements are in inches.]

Well, I think that's a bit long, but pictures are fun to look at. Until next time on Sew Crochet. Have a great week everyone.

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