Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yay! Our bishop's surgery was a success! Yay, he made it to ICU. Yay, he's alive! Thank the Lord, Almighty! What a relief..... whew!

This past week has been a beautiful week - despite the utter shock - and today we enjoyed going over to the Conservancy District Conservation Garden, where I talked to a member of UFAN (Utah Food Allergy Network) and got a free box of Enjoy Life double chocolate brownies.... and also ran into someone that works for the BLM doing wildland fire stuff and recognized her from the East Fork Fire back in 2002! I got her bus card and will be networking with her... wish me luck!

Got over $600 worth of repairs done on our Geo Metro - all new brake system in the front and new exhaust, the entire thing. It's weird to drive such a quite car! I could actually hear myself think and nothing else! I think it was that quite when my parents bought it 12 years ago... it's been too long and I can't remember - and it's been really loud, so loud people with the real glass packs would look at us funny - you know Geo with glass packs HA! I think we'll be investing in window tinting for the car(s) - we put that much in, they're staying with us, so long as they keep going.

Saved every bit of cash we got, enjoyed Cinco de Mayo with some cash, bought new mattress covers and a twin bed set... now we just have to finish figuring out our emergency plan and prepare our home so we can get licensed!

My class starts May 18th! I'm ready! No job, yet. Just trying to sell our couch and organize, find a job and be able to be Foster Parents....

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