Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Fever, Senior Fever

Aah. Chamomile tea - very relaxing. Just what I needed following a crazy week of downpouring rain, late to all-nighters, and utmost exhaustion to complete my second assignment of my Communication Consulting and Training course. So now, as my brain unwinds and... ick, headache... I can actually write for fun : ). This past week's spin cycle is summer plans or something to with summer.... ya really tired - which is good. I have to present in the morning.

Anyways... my summer, well as you can see is school, school, and did I say school? Since I had surgery back in March (which it has been 3 months and I'm officially healed! yay!) the timing was perfect so that I finished one class, went into "spring break", and moved my 2nd class of the semester to right now.

For the past two summers I have physcially gone to Gonzaga University campus in Spokane, Washington and loved it! I missed going this summer and staying at the B&B five blocks away.... I have found doing a class during summer is difficult when it's a full 8 weeks, and I don't go to Spokane. But as of today I am half-done! Two assignments down, two to go! And it's only getting more intense! You parents, I don't know how you do it, but you're amazing!

The other thing that's making it hard... this is my second to last class.... that's right 1 more and I'M DONE. D-O-N-E, DONE! No more acadamia as a student for me.... I don't want to hit the bottom of the scale shown here. It's scary how close to the "socks with sandals" area I've been... (if you didn't look at that scale, do so now....)

So I have summer fever and senior fever combined... plus I'm currently without employment, so ya. Great times.

Altough here's what Merlyn and I just designed for my assignement I just finished (yes it will take years to do):

This one is a sketch done to scale by Merlyn of the current layout of our yard.

This one is our xeriscape design for entire yard.
Whew! What a pain to get pics on here.... grrr... anyways it's exciting. But we're hoping to at least begin with:
Painting the house, rebuiding the porch covering, new gutters, redo the grade around the house so water flows away from instead of towards, new side door complete with storm door, new bathroom window, take down those blasted weedy trees, and celebrate our 5th anniversary in August... while living life in between.... whew!

Night ya'll that's all folks.... need sleeeeeeeeeeeeep - and hopefully can get up early enough to shower and prepare for my presenation.



Mama Badger said...

Wow, that's an ambitious summer. You'll have to post pictures of the before and after of the yard!

Ecologista said...

Yes it is! I hope we make it.... I'm sure we'll get a lot done - one step at a time. Good idea, I think I will. I need pictures anyway.... the ones we had are stuck on a dead computer........

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sorry! I was here earlier but can't comment on blogspot from worl for some reason. You're linked and I would absolutely love it if you designed my backyard. I have two trees and doggie landmines. That is all. I need help!

Ecologista said...

Sprite's Keeper - I'd love to! Question is how do we exchange e-mails without the world sending us junk?

I'd love to be your yard design consultant!

Here's what I would need to have you do for your yard:

Buy me a plane ticket to meet you and your yard... j/k... unless you really want me to come down...
(I really like to travel and see new places too... and meeting new people.)


Pics of entire yard.
Birdseye view sketches of your yard (that are readable).
Measurements of your yard.
What you want to keep, what you want to change.
Your ideas (if any) of the change you desire.

I have class until July 12th. So, you have time. I won't be able to research and design until July 13th and on....

I'm a poor, broke grad student - but you totally made my day! Hey if you know Art's email let me know and I'll get yours from her... or somethin' - we're sisters-in-law.

Merlyn said...

Sprite's Keeper; e-mail me: "merlyn (at) kabaju (dot) net" and we can figure out how to plan your yard as well.